The Company thrives on a rich culture of innovation. There is an active Innovation Scheme within the company. It consists of two parts:

Process Improvement Suggestions
All employees of the company are encouraged to suggest improvements in the way we do anything that is related to the company’s business, with the only rider being that the system suggested should not already be in practice in the division to which the contributor belongs. Every suggestion that is selected for implementation is rewarded.

Innnovative Plastic Product Ideas 
We encourage everybody at K. K. Nag Pvt. Ltd, including families and relatives, to participate. Rewards are given for all ideas that are accepted into the Idea Bank. Further, 1% of the Sales value is given to the originators of all innovative ideas that go into production, for a period of one year.  Also, the originator’s photo and write-up accompany each product sold.

The only criterion for having ideas accepted into the Idea Bank is that they should be innovative moulded plastic products. This means that the products should satisfy both the conditions mentioned below:

•   They should be made of a plastic process.
•   They should be “new” in that they should be available for the first time in India either in
     their current form, using the current material or for the current application.

Members of the public are invited to participate in the Innovation Scheme. If you have an idea for an innovative moulded plastic product, send it to us, and, if it is productionised, you will get 1% of the Sales value for one year and your photo and write-up will accompany each product sold. Please send your ideas to Please do not forget to mention your mobile number and address.

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