Thermocole And History

Thermocole And History – Our association with Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) actually predates the Company itself.

Prior to starting K. K. Nag Pvt. Ltd, Mr Kalyan Kumar Nag was a partner at R. A. Cole and Company.

It was during Mr Nag’s stint there that his partner, Mr R. A. Cole, and he, developed Expanded Polystyrene resin for the first time in India.  They named the product Thermocole—“Thermo” for heat and “Cole” for Mr R. A. Cole—and that is now the generic name for Expanded Polystyrene in India!

Shown below is a copy of the original Indian Patent for EPS:

Thermocole - EPS India Patent

Expanded Polystyrene is commonly known as Thermocole or Thermocol.

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