Packaging India

Packaging India

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) or Thermocol is considered as the best and most reliable packaging material across many industries. It is a major constituent of packaging in India due to its unique blend of favourable properties.  Expanded Polystyrene is extremely light to handle. It is rigid enough to absorb shocks during transportation and prevents any damage to the transported goods by means of physical impact. It is also easy to mould into the desired shape at the time of manufacturing. Packaging India – EPS remains as the most cost-effective means for packaging and insulation till date.

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Packaging India – EPS

Thermocol features a closed cell structure. Expanded Polystyrene resists thermal conductivity to a great extent, and hence is most desirable for low temperature thermal insulation. Alternative insulation materials besides Expanded Polystyrene are based on an open cell structure and are often found to show vulnerability to moisture.

Packaging India

Food and Pharma Packaging using Expanded Polystyrene, India

Another known advantage of EPS packaging India is that it is free from any taste or odour and is thus a suitable packaging material for food products. Thermocol is unyielding to bacterial or fungal growth. It is hence considered very hygienic for packaging of pharmaceuticals and vaccines.

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Marine industries use thermocol extensively for facilitating storage and transportation of seafood. Agricultural distributors use EPS for packaging fruits like pomegranate, grapes, papaya, mangoes and also a variety of vegetables.

Thermal Insulation

Packaging India – Expanded Polystyrene is a requisite internal component in the manufacturing of air conditioners and refrigerators, owing to its stringent temperature control. Earlier remedies were manufactured by gluing insulation materials onto metal sheets but they have long been replaced by EPS as it possesses more efficient insulation properties. And it can easily be molded in any shape, all in one piece, so there is no risk of the insulation falling apart with usage.


Packaging solutions with Expanded Polypropylene (EPP)

Packaging India – Expanded Polypropylene: EPP is another versatile material, also cost-effective and rigid enough to suit many packaging, defense and security applications worldwide.  It is also light-weight and offers extended durability. It is a fairly eco-friendly material that can nonetheless be recycled.

Shaft-PackingEPP is water, oil, and chemical resistant; plus, it can withstand physical impact to a great extent and has thus proven to benefit a number of applications. You must have heard of the term “dunnage”, a highly effective, reusable industrial packaging material that is imbibed with the ability to absorb energy in transit.




Weighing-scale-PackagingExpanded Polypropylene has an extraordinary amount of structural strength and heavy thermal insulation properties. Due to this EPP is most suited for storage and transportation of food and beverages, regardless of whether they are hot or cold. It is also used extensively for manufacturing heat exchange parts.




Toolkit-packOther Uses of EPP in India

  • Packaging for computers, printers and peripherals
  • Protection corners for various cubic materials
  • Production of computer housings
  • Packaging of defense weapons

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