Rotationally Moulded Industrial Tanks and Water Tanks

Rotationally Moulded Industrial and Water Tanks


Rotationally Moulded Industrial Tanks and Water Tanks – Our NAGMAGIC Industrial Chemical Storage Tanks and Containers are designed to handle your Acids and Alkalis in the most effective manner. NAGMAGIC Tanks and Containers are resistant to most chemicals and have many outstanding properties such as:

Best Raw Material Base

Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance (ESCR) is the most important property for long and trouble-free life of industrial containers. Rotomoulding India – NAGMAGIC Tanks and Containers are made from materials having ESCR ratings of over 1000 hours according to ASTM TEST METHOD D-1693, which corresponds to 40 years of working life.  Besides, the raw materials used in NAGMAGIC Tanks and Containers have special UV stabilisers incorporated in them to give them protection even when offered in colours other than black.

Latest Manufacturing Techniques

NAGMAGIC Tanks and Containers are made on sophisticated and modern machines which give them uniform wall thicknesses as well as consistent quality.

100% Seamless Construction

All NAGMAGIC Tanks and Containers are made under atmospheric pressure by a special moulding process. They do not have any seams, joints or welds. Besides, they are 100% stress-free, which gives them excellent durability.

Immunity To Maintenance

NAGMAGIC Tanks and Containers are totally leak-proof as they are of a one piece construction. They are resistant to most acids, alkalis and chemicals (for details refer to Chemical Resistance Chart). They are, therefore, free from maintenance problems throughout their lives.

Reasonable Cost

NAGMAGIC Tanks and Containers are very reasonably priced in spite of their superior features. They cost much less than fabricated HDPE, PVC or FRP containers. Likewise, they cost much less than steel containers with different types of anti-corrosive linings.

Long Life

NAGMAGIC Containers have very long lives even under rigorous industrial working conditions.

Excellent After-Sales-Service

NAGMAGIC Tanks and Containers are backed by excellent after-sales-service through our dedicated teams of sales and service engineers.  In the event of any unforeseen problems, the Containers can be rectified and put into use without much loss of production time.


NAGMAGIC Tanks and Containers are available in a very wide range of standard sizes. They can however be made in any size and shape from 20 litres to 2,000 litres capacity to meet special requirements of as few as 200 pcs.


We can provide both welded and adaptor check nut type fittings with NAGMAGIC Tanks and Containers. These fittings can be made to match the specifications under different standards. We can provide fittings at site or can send Tanks complete with fittings from our factory.

Due to our expertise and huge experience we are able to provide best products in rotomoulding in India.

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