Waste Treatment Division

India has the maximum population in the world defecating in the open – over 600 million people, which means more than half the population. Human waste disposal in innocuous form is an ever growing problem leading to aesthetic nuisance, threat of organic pollution and several infectious diseases in epidemic proportions due to contamination of ground water and drinking water resources in highly populated and developing countries, like India.

To counter this problem, K. K. Nag Pvt. Ltd has joined hands with DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation), Ministry of Defence, Govt of India. We are License Holders of the BIO-DIGESTER Technology for treatment of human waste matter – faecal matter in an environmentally friendly manner. Dr Lokendra Singh, Director of DRDE Gwalior is credited with inventing this technology which was initially deployed in defence and now is being promoted under the SWACCH BHARAT MISSION program.

Waster Treatment - Bio-digester

The Bio-Digester technology has two key components: anaerobic microbial consortium (commonly called as the AMI – Anaerobic Microbial Inoculum) and the specially designed fermentation tank (commonly called as the Bio-Digester Tank).

Listed below are the key advantages of toilets built using the BIO-DIGESTER Technology as compared to conventional treatment systems such as Septic Tanks, Soak Pits, Open Drainages, Two Pit Latrines, etc…

1)    No bad smell in toilets from the tanks

2)    No infestation of cockroaches and flies

3)    Faecal matter in the tank not visible

4)    No clogging of digester

5)    Effluent is free from offensive odours, solid waste and does not contaminate the ground water / soil like other systems do.

6)    No maintenance required

7)    Reduction in organic matter by 90%

8)    No requirement of adding bacteria/ enzyme

9)    No need of removal of solid waste

10)  Normal Cleansing Agents like Phenyls, Toilet Cleaners can be used

Waste Treatment Bio-digestor

We offer complete solutions for Waste Treatment and Toilet Systems, key products currently being offered are Toilet Superstructures, Bio-Digester Tanks, AMI – Slurry and Reed Bed Systems.

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