Company Philosophy

Our Founder, the late Mr K. K. Nag, firmly believed that a Company has to do more than just be engaged in business—it must contribute and give back to Society.  Shown below is the philosophy he espoused:

We have all been born at a crucial juncture of the nation’s history and development. People like us who have had the opportunity of education and exposure to modern technology must contribute to the progress of India and help the nation build a bright future.

The primary role of a business enterprise is to grow and generate wealth. In the long run this objective can only be achieved by ensuring the best possible quality at a fair price. We, at K. K. Nag Pvt. Ltd, do not wish to be the cheapest in the market; we want to give good value for money.

Hence, our objective is to be a fast-growing, economically profitable, diversified organisation, whichexcels in all its spheres of activity.

There is a reason for using each of the underlined words above. Growth is absolutely essential to a business organisation—it provides for continuance of business, security and opportunity for personal growth of employees and contributes to the national good.

Profits are equally important. Without profit there is no growth and without growth there is no future. Profits enable us to meet our financial commitments in time and help to improve the quality of life of our people. We should therefore aim to generate profits through quality products and services, operational efficiency, cost effectiveness, high productivity and optimum capacity utilisation.

Diversification is necessary so that we do not put all our eggs in one basket, and have a balanced business. In a multi-divisional Company, a division going through a bleak period can draw on the others for sustenance. Each divisional manager must remember that he has a dual responsibility to his division and the Company, but the overall interests of the Company must be paramount.

We want to be the leaders in every field that we enter. We want to be excellent in everything we do, whether it is typing, accounting, manufacturing, marketing or even putting a stamp on an envelope. It is only if we pay attention to every detail and excel in everything we do that we will be respected as a Company. We must earn respect not only for the quality of our products and services, the efficiency of our systems and the dedication of our people, we must convince all who deal with us about our honesty, integrity and reliability. Each of our people must be proud to belong to our organisation and to represent us before our clients, suppliers, Government officials and everyone they may have the occasion to come in contact with on our behalf.

According to us, there are four major groups which contribute to the success or failure of an organisation:

1.   our people
2.   our clients
3.   our suppliers, and
4.   our community.

It is our endeavour to treat all four with respect and fairness, to give and receive value for money and to treat all four as our long term partners.

We are a secular organisation. We do not employ people based upon religion, caste or community. We look for merit, sincerity and enthusiasm.

Once a person joins the Company, he or she should not only become an employee of the Company, but should also become a member of the K. K. Nag family. It is our responsibility to encourage and help people grow. Occasionally we have to recruit people with special knowledge, expertise and skills in senior positions, but it is our objective to encourage people within the organisation to learn and develop so that they can take up positions of authority.

Everybody, irrespective of how humble a position he or she holds within or outside the organisation, must be treated with consideration and respect; under no condition should a person be humiliated.

We must always be a Company which is alive, which is progressive, and which is ever expanding. We must always set our standards high so that we may all grow with the Company. In doing so, we must endeavour to contribute to the growth of our Company and our nation.


Kalyan Kumar Nag
Managing Director, K. K. Nag Pvt. Ltd
Pune, 15 July, 1991

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