Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities

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As the Company has limited resources, the senior management decided that, instead of spreading itself too thin by getting involved with myriad causes, the Company would restrict its CSR activities to two areas, namely:

• The development of the school in the village of Urse (near one of the factories of the
Company), the Shree Padmavati Vidya Mandir School.

• The education and health of the Company’s members and their immediate families.

This strategy has proved very successful because the impact of the Company’s CSR activities can be clearly seen as they are yielding tangible benefits. Some examples of both activities are described below:

Development Activities At Shree Padmavati Vidya Mandir School

Science Laboratory

The school did not have its own science laboratory and the students could thus only conduct experiments twice a year, using the facilities available at a school in another village.  The Company contacted an NGO, NAVAM, and with their technical help, funded the construction of a science laboratory for the school.  The Company continues to fund the recurring expenses incurred for running the laboratory.

Students’ Plant Visits

Every year a plant visit is organised for 20-25 students to one of the Company’s factories.  The students are taken around the factory and briefed about the manufacturing processes and products.  After the visit, an Essay Competition is conducted and prizes are distributed for the best essays.


Visits to National Chemical Laboratory (NCL)

Visits to NCL are organised for teachers and students of the school, to attend various workshops and awareness sessions.


Monthly Science Talk

To inculcate interest in science, the Company has made arrangements with NCL to conduct a science talk and experiments in Marathi at the school every month.


Participation in the Joy of Giving Week

Every year the students participate actively in the Joy of Giving Week.


Students’ Picnic

Occasionally the Company arranges picnics for the students of the school.


Other Contributions

Members of the Company also contribute various items to the school in their individual capacities such as books, internet modems, etc.  Some members even sponsor the tuition fees of students.

Education and Health of Members and Their Immediate Families

Painting Competition

Every year, on 15 August, a painting competition is held for the members’ children.  The best twelve paintings are selected to appear in the Company’s calendar for the next year and the winners are also given certificates of appreciation.


Visit to Mahindra Pride Finishing School

The Company organised a visit to Mahindra Pride Finishing School for members’ children, wherein they interacted with the students, faculty and principal of the school; this helped the students to understand the kind of career options that are available to them.


Talks on Cancer for Ladies

The Company arranges talks on Women’s Wellness by Dr Shona Nag and her colleagues on Cancer prevention followed by free check-ups.


Career Counselling and Guidance Programmes

The Company arranges career counselling and guidance sessions for children of members to make them aware of the various career options available.


Joy Shops

The Company organises Joy Shops for the members and their families which helps them to boost their morale and develop their personalities.


Joy of Giving

The Company is an active member of the Joy of Giving mission.  Joy of Giving Week is celebrated for one week a year when blood donation camps and eye pledge camps are conducted and members donate books, clothes and other articles for the needy.


CII’s Affirmative Action Panel

The Company is an active member of CII’s Affirmative Action Panel which carries out various CSR activities.


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