Nag Foundation

The Nag Foundation is a public charitable trust that was established by K. K. Nag Pvt. Ltd in 1989 with the initial purpose of promoting Art and Culture in Pune and providing a platform for Pune artists to display their work and reach discerning buyers.

Although the city of Pune is the cultural capital of Maharashtra and has several internationally acclaimed festivals for promoting theatre, literature, film, music and various other aspects of culture, and even though it has a very well-renowned Art school and several artists are based in Pune, the late Mr Kalyan Kumar Nag and the late Mrs Surabhi Nag found that there was no forum to encourage artists locally and that they had to go to Mumbai to promote their works.  This caused them severe financial hardship and also deprived the art lovers of Pune the opportunity of viewing their creations.

The Nag Foundation thus set about organising exhibitions where artists could display their works and neither the artists nor the visitors were charged any commissions or fees.  The entire sales proceeds of any works sold were given to the respective artist.  All expenses were met by K. K. Nag Pvt. Ltd.

The Nag Foundation played a very major role in popularising art in Pune and many of the best known artists of the city attribute their initial success to the opportunities that were afforded to them by the Foundation.  Now that Pune has a vibrant art scene, with several Art galleries and exhibitions, the Company felt that the Nag Foundation had fulfilled its initial mandate of promoting Art and Culture in Pune and decided to redirect its activities to other areas.  The Foundation is now used primarily as the vehicle through which the Company conducts its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

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Customer’s Testimonials

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