We Are Our People

At K. K. Nag Pvt. Ltd, we truly believe that people are a Company’s greatest asset.  As it says in the Company Philosophy “Once a person joins the company, he or she should not only become an employee of the company but also a member of the K. K. Nag Pvt. Ltd family.  It is our responsibility to encourage and help people grow.” We are fortunate to have a highly experienced and devoted team with several years of service behind them. One of our valued members completed 40 years in the company in February 2012.

Our senior management team consists almost entirely of members who joined the organisation at the start of their careers. A unique feature of our company is that we expect every member to act as an HR manager and to look after the welfare of his or her subordinates. Our management shares an excellent relationship with the Union as our goals and objectives are completely aligned. We take great pride in the close relationship that we have cultivated with our members and their families. Activities such as education and career counseling and Families’ Days help us to stay completely engaged with the families of our members.

Employees are kept involved and invigorated beyond their regular duties through several activities like innovations schemes, cost reduction teams, Gemba Kaizen teams, TQM, 5S, personal discussions with the MD and policy deployment. A rigorous and thorough process is followed for setting key financial objectives and conducting performance appraisals.

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