Rewards and Innovations Schemes

Gratitude Scheme:

The company believes that Excellence must get wide recognition so that more and more members are inspired to follow the path of excellence. Therefore, the company has introduced a Gratitude Scheme to recognise and reward such members who add significant value to the organisation in terms of cost savings, creativity, outstanding performance, improving overall efficiency, etc. Under the scheme, members are honoured by presenting them ‘Star Badges’ which they wear on their uniforms on Saturdays and on special occasions. This scheme provides a visible recognition to such members. In addition to ‘Star Badges’, in some cases members may also be presented with appropriate non-monetary gifts depending on the specific excellence exhibited.

Process Improvement Suggestions/Rewards:

The company encourages members to innovate in both processes as well as products.

The Process Improvement Suggestion Scheme is headed by the Chairman and Managing Director as the Chief Innovation Officer.  Members send their suggested innovations in a prescribed form to the Chief Innovation Officer, who forwards it for evaluation to the respective Evaluation Committees.

If the suggestion is found acceptable, the member receives an award.

Several valuable innovations have been suggested by the members and implemented.  Apart from the award, the members feel a sense of pride.

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