98 Ltr Insulated Box

EPS Block (1m length)
August 4, 2021
72 Ltr Insulated Box
July 19, 2021

98 Ltr Insulated Box

Box OD size: 1,155 mm x 408 mm x 328 mm#Box ID size: 1,090 mm x 346 mm x 258 mm

kk nag is a 98 Ltr Insulated Box. It is an insulated box with a capacity of 98 liters. This product has been made to make it easier for people who are in the business of transporting goods and materials to transport them safely and securely.

The design of the kk nag allows it to be easily transported in cars, vans, trucks, or other vehicles without any hassle. The box can also be used for storage purposes as well as for storing items that have been bought from markets or shops. kk nag is a 98 Ltr Insulated Boxes that is designed to withstand temperature extremes and last for years. This insulated box has been designed with the help of AI technology. It is not only efficient but also safe and reliable.


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