Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)
We have over four decades of experience in manufacturing EPS. Our facilities include the most modern, vacuum-assisted, German moulding machines, and we use the latest technologies. We have one of the largest EPS processing capacities in the country. Read more
Expanded Polypropylene (EPP)
We were the first company to process EPP in India and have now established facilities for this process in Pune. EPP is a comparatively newer plastic foam suited for high-end applications in the automobile industry and for packaging of very sensitive and expensive products. It is more durable than EPS and has good recovery after dynamic and static loading. Read more
Rotational Moulding
Our Rotational Moulding facility is located in Pune. The emphasis is on using this versatile technology to convert products that have traditionally been made in metal, wood and fibreglass, to rotationally moulded LLDPE, giving the customer substantial advantages with respect to cost and utility. Read more
Breezair Business Group
We are the sole India distributor for Breezair Ducted Evaporative Air Coolers. These air coolers are imported from Seeley International Pty Ltd, Australia, and are the ideal cooling solution for the hot and dry areas of India because they provide the comfort of centralised cooling at just a fraction of the running cost of equivalent refrigerative air conditioners. Read more