Rotational Moulding

K. K. Nag Pvt. Ltd’s Rotomoulding Division caters to customers from various sectors such as Agriculture, Automotive, Chemicals, Consumer Durables, Exhibition, Food and Beverage, Marine, Material Handling and Solar Energy. We export our proprietary sanitation products worldwide to international aid agencies like UNICEF, MSF, ACF and IFRC. We also have our own brand of rotomoulded tanks, pallets, insulated tubs and floats.

At our facility located in Urse (near Pune) we have two 4-arm rotomoulding machines with gas-fired burners and swing diameters of 2,200 mm and 4,000 mm respectively. We also have a facility for PU foaming with soft and hard foam.

Rotational Moulding is a 3-stage process

Stage 1: Polymer powder is manually loaded into the mould which is then closed and shifted to the heating oven. Here, the mould is heated using forced hot-air circulation. While being heated, the mould is rotated in two perpendicular axes simultaneously, and the polymer melts and forms a homogenous layer within the mould.

Stage 2: The mould is then shifted to a cooling station where forced air is used to cool it.

Stage 3: Finally, the mould is opened and the moulding is removed.

Unlike injection and blow moulding, rotational moulding does not involve high pressure; hence, products are stress-free and the walls are of uniform thickness.

NagMagic Self-Supporting Plastic Squatting Slabs

NagMagic Self-Supporting Plastic Squatting Slabs (also known as Squatting Plates, Latrine Slabs and Latrine Plates) are the quickest and most efficient method for building latrines in emergencies.

Lightweight and moulded these Squatting Slabs can be placed over trenches or pits up to 1 m wide, while just 100 mm rests on firm ground. The uniform shape, low thickness and a unique “nesting” feature makes Squatting Slabs portable and easy to transport. The Latrine Slabs come with a hinged lid, and also have embedded metal inserts to make them rigid and stable. The Slim Slabs have additional reinforcements to make them even more stiff.

In fact, NagMagic Latrine Slabs are today the international standard for aid agencies around the world and are shipped to all corners of the globe when there is an emergency and a need to quickly set up sanitation facilities.

Advantages of NagMagic Self-Supporting Plastic Squatting Slabs

Besides convenience and ease of use, the slabs have several other advantages, namely:

  • One-piece plastic moulding of Latrine Plates means no joints or loose parts that can fall off.

  • The ready-to-use Squatting Plates require no assembly.

  • The self-supporting slabs do not need additional reinforcements.

  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.

  • The Latrine Plates are available in two thickness variants – 40 mm and 55 mm.

  • The slabs can be use either as direct drops or water seals.

  • Slope towards the key hole of Latrine Plates enables easy draining of water.

  • Four tent pegs are provided for attaching the Latrine Slabs to the ground. They are stored in slots on the underside of the slab.

  • Hand-washing graphic reminder provided on the inside of the lid.

  • Unique “nesting” feature makes them easy to stack and pack.

  • Lightweight, low thickness and nestability reduce storage and transportation costs.

  • The Squatting Plates are designed for palletisation as per European standards, in collaboration with leading international aid agencies.

  • The Squatting Plates are also highly chemical resistant making them easy to maintain and clean.

  • Available with multiple accessories such as pans and traps (to provide a water seal), a sitting toilet, handrails that can be used with the sitting toilet and a children’s toilet.

Squatting Slab

Squatting Slab with Sitting Toilet

Squatting Slab with Pan

Rotationally Moulded Industrial Tanks and Water Tanks

Our rotationally moulded Industrial Chemical Storage Tanks and Containers are designed to handle acids and alkalis in the most effective manner. Our tanks and containers are resistant to most chemicals and have many outstanding properties such as:

  • Best Raw Material Base

    Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance (ESCR) is the most important property for the long and trouble-free life of industrial containers. NagMagic tanks and containers are made from materials having ESCR ratings of over 1,000 hours which corresponds to 40 years of working life. Furthermore, the raw materials used in our rotationally moulded tanks and containers have special UV stabilisers incorporated in them which provide protection.

  • 100% Seamless Construction

    All our tanks and containers are made under atmospheric pressure by a special moulding process. They do not have any seams, joints or welds. Furthermore they are 100% stress-free which gives them excellent durability.

  • Zero Maintenance

    Our tanks and containers are completely leak-proof because they are one-piece constructions. These products are resistant to most acids, alkalis and chemicals and, therefore, are free from maintenance problems throughout their lives.

  • Reasonable Cost

    Our tanks and containers are very reasonably priced in spite of their superior features. They cost much less than fabricated HDPE, PVC and FRP containers as well as steel containers with anti-corrosive linings.

  • Long Life

    Our containers have extremely long lives even under rigorous industrial working conditions.

  • Excellent After-Sales-Service

    Our tanks and containers are backed up by excellent after-sales-service provided by our dedicated team of sales and service engineers. In the event of any unforeseen problems, the containers can be rectified and put into use without much loss of production time.

  • All NagMagic Containers can be Tailor-made

    Our tanks and containers are available in a wide range of standard sizes. They can also be customised to any size and shape from 20 litres to 10,000 litres capacity to meet special requirements. The minimum order for a customised size is as low as 200 pieces.

  • All NagMagic Containers can easily be provided with Fittings

    We can provide both welded and adapter check nut type fittings with our tanks and containers. These fittings can be made to match the specifications of different standards. We can provide fittings at site or can send the tanks complete with fittings from our factory.

500 Litre Water Tank

3000 Litre Bio-Digester Tank

Due to our expertise and extensive experience we are able to provide the best products in rotational moulding in India.

Rotationally Moulded Pallets

We, at K. K. Nag Pvt. Ltd, understand the importance of material handling and logistics in business. We have thus developed a variety of products that reduce the cost of packaging, material handling and transportation on the one hand, and wastage and damage of materials on the other. One of our proprietary products that has been developed during this endeavour is the NagMagic Rotationally Moulded Pallet.

Our pallets are designed for optimal load bearing capacities and are strong and durable. These pallets are the best available alternative to expensive and problematic wooden/steel pallets. Our pallets are sure to outclass and outnumber them on all counts.

What is a Pallet?
  • A pallet is basically an elevated platform of a convenient size.

  • It is used for easy, speedy and safe handling of cargo.

  • Pallets also help bring about space saving.

Types of Rotomoulded Pallets

4 – Way Entry – With 9 legs, this type of pallet is suitable for entry from all the four sides for static and dynamic applications.

2 – Way Entry – With 3 skids, this type of pallet allows entry from only two opposite sides for static, dynamic and racking applications.

Palletised Container – This product combines a pallet and a container.

Areas of Application of the Pallets

Production/In-house Warehousing

  • Raw material

  • Finished Goods


  • Returnable – Reusable

  • Rental

Pallet Top

4 Way Pallet with Skids

Pallet Top

4 Way Pallet with 9 Legs

Loading Pattern

2 Way Pallet

Rotationally Moulded Insulated Boxes, Containers and Tubs in India

We, at K. K. Nag Pvt. Ltd, are leading manufacturers of top quality rotationally moulded Polyurethane Foam (PUF) insulated boxes and tubs. Our rotationally moulded insulated boxes are made from superior quality PUF and polyethylene. These boxes are fit for heavy duty use and offer maximum durability. They are available in standard shapes and sizes; however, we also manufacture customised products to suit specific requirements and applications.

Key Features of our Insulated Boxes, Containers and Tubs
  • PUF insulated and double-walled

  • Strong, rugged and designed to withstand rough industrial use

  • Manufactured using virgin polyethylene and approved for food storage

  • Perfect containers to facilitate hygienic transportation of fish, frozen food, meat, ice-cream, chilled beverages, dairy products, and pharmaceutical products

  • Easily washable and no maintenance

  • Smart design to facilitate stacking and to save storage space and associated costs

  • Unique locking system featuring specially designed airtight lid secured by rubber straps

  • No metal parts to facilitate maximum shelf life

  • Palletised bottom for easy lifting

  • Vending lid available on an optional basis

  • Built to withstand extreme temperatures from –30˚C up to 70˚C

Due to our exceptional product quality and great service, our insulated boxes and other plastic products are increasingly ordered both in India and abroad.

60 Litre Insulated Tub

100 Litre Insulated Tub

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